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Ac-Game's Ninja Adventure


Details on "Ninja Adventure" -

I agreed to help Ac-Game with their project called "Ninja Adventure". I am working on it right now (not nearly as much as LD2, though...) but Ac-Game is also telling me the story and stuff that was from the original "Ninja Adventure" comics Action Comix made. You can get the "comix" from him if you e-mail him. It's, well, about a ninja (duh) that must defeat different ninjas or samarais with shuriken. And there are also different bosses from the comics, such as Gurdga or Master Alien. The game's looking great so far and will probably be pretty successful once we finish it.
In other news, I'm going to make another LD2 demo, which will be longer than the original. And another thing, NO MORE STICK GUYS!!! Look for it on my site becouse demos don't usually take too long to make. Well, seeya next time, that's all! ;-)